Propulsion Technologies Testing Facility Spin-Offs


The DASS GN1 and DASS GNX engines have different purposes. They are both designed to provide supersonic to hypersonic speeds. However, the DASS GN1 engine, as an aerospace engine, has a maximum speed of Mach 5. The DASS GNX engine, designed for space flight, is expected to reach Mach 25 in rocket mode.

Turbine Engine


Many novel technologies are implemented for the DASS GN1 and DASS GN X engines. They are disruptive technologies with a paradigm change to the aerospace and space industry.

Heat Exchanger

Ground Testing Facility

The air breathing engine multi fuel testing facility is required to test the engine with multi-fuel combustion. It is also designed to simulate various flight altitudes up to Mach 3.2. With minor modifications, it will simulate Mach 5 conditions.

When not being used for our application, Space Engine Systems will also consider undertaking subcontract work at this facility for others who may be interested in testing liquid hydrogen, solid fuel, and other fuels for air breathing engines.


Spinoff Technologies

Many of the technologies developed for use within the DASS GN1 and DASS GNX engines can be utilized within other industries.

Planetary Gearbox